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What Would You Tell Your Pet?

Working with pet sitting businesses, PetSitConnect staff is fortunate to interact with animal lovers on a daily basis.  While providing scheduling for their clients, we not only share interesting stories, but also inspire each other to dig deeper into why we chose animal care industry at the first place... 

One of our clients, DFW Pet Sitting services, recently ran a contest among their clients asking them to submit their answers to this question: "If you had 30 seconds where your pet could understand you, what would you tell them?".  

The responses were so overwhelmingly touching so that the owner of the company decided to broadcast the winner's story to the world, reminding everyone that pets can feel and understand everything we choose to communicate to them. All we really have to do is slow down enough to connect with our animals and allow them into our hearts.  

We would love to inspire all our clients who use our pet sitting scheduling software to share this story with their clients or use this as reminder to seek more examples of these animal/people bonds.  Enjoy the read and prepare for your heart to melt!

May 4, 2016
Brian Hannah

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