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What Would You Tell Your Pet?

Working with pet sitting businesses, PetSitConnect staff is fortunate to interact with animal lovers on a daily basis.  While providing scheduling for their clients, we not only share interesting stories, but also inspire each other to dig deeper into why we chose animal care industry at the first place...  One ...

May 4, 2016

How to Create a Profile for Your Perfect Pet Sitting Client

I had a very thought provoking conversation with one of my friends earlier this week.  She started a pet sitting company, got busy, had a great momentum, but then suddenly her business plateaued.  We chatted over coffee, and I asked her who did she think her ideal pet sitting ...

October 5, 2015

All Pet Lovers - A Call For Help!

Barbara Black, owner of For Your Pet's Sake, and long-time user of PetSitConnect.com, is very active in a wonderful program in Chesapeake Virginia - Web Of Life Animal Outreach, Inc.   The owners are very giving and selfless, and have dedicated their all to saving injured, abused, and neglected companion ...

August 25, 2015

Being Thankful When Dealing With Pet Sitting Burnout!

When I opened my pet sitting business 10+ years ago, I was really excited that I finally became my own boss, that I could set my own schedule and work wherever and whenever… Quitting my full time job set me off to singing “I AM FREEEEEE” on the top ...

August 21, 2015

Pets in hot cars - can someone tell me why is this still an issue in our society?

It’s summertime!  News stories and Facebook feeds are full of weather related articles, posts, and shares.  It’s HOT, but it’s really not news… It was hot last summer, and the summer before, and we know it’s going to be hot again next year…   Yes, we all know that a ...

August 8, 2015


I am frequently asked to share my insight of how long it took me to get to the point of hiring employees, using professional software to manage my pet sitting calendar, and getting administrative help… Sometimes it’s frustrating to not get the growth results you have in mind, getting nervous ...

December 31, 1969

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